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For 15 years, I’ve worked and lived my passion behind the chair as a stylist here Northern Utah. And for the majority of these 15 years, I have been blessed in assisting women in connecting with a greater level of confidence through transforming their hair with hair color.  I’ve always prided myself in being an honest hair dresser, and have always had no problem being straight forward with my clients about what was realistic for them. The times that this was ever hard, is when my clients ask for a color or a style that I can’t give to them because their current hair won’t allow for the transformation. Whether it be due to their hair being compromised because of health problems, post partum hair loss, hair that has been over processed, or even crappy genetics, sometimes that Pinterest Pic just isn’t realistic for some people’s natural hair.

In the summer of 2016, I made the choice to jump into getting certified in the world of Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions by Danielle White, of DKW Styling in Laguna Beach, California, and I haven’t looked back since.  Because after my research, and education, I discovered that for the women that I constantly had to say NO to, I finally had a solution to the problem of “you just don’t have enough hair for that.” or “your hair is just to fragile for this”.  Length and fullness is created quickly with this method, with the least of amount of damage possible. No adhesives, no chemicals, no sticky tape to rip your hair out in the removal process – just hair.  Lots and lots of beautiful hair.  If you’re ready to say YES to what having the hair of your dreams, and that you were told you could never have, click the link below to apply for a consultation!


Ali Coplin

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