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From the time I was 6 years old, I’ve been curious, and obsessed with hair styling. I can honestly say I’ve always wanted to do hair. The journey through a traditional education system definitely wasn’t “hands on” enough for me. So finally, at the start of my Junior year in high school, I embarked on the journey of beauty school. By the time I received my high school diploma, I also received my cosmetology license. And off I went into the world of hair. I was tenacious, and stubborn, and never wanted to work for anyone else, so I have always worked solo as a booth renter. Working one on one with women inside of my business as I would do their hair let me to a pretty substantial realization. I loved the game of transformation. It has never been about just the hair. It’s always been about connection, and healing, and realizations that my clients have had the pleasure of experiencing.

Hair styling led me to a spiritual path. One that led me to question everything I had been programed to think. I found Reiki energy healing, Pranayama breath work meditation, yoga, a variety of methods and tools to reprogram the subconscious mind, and developing my natural intuition. The journey to becoming the greatest version of me that I can be also allowed me to consciously face my own shadow for the first time ever. Inside of that journey, I faced a tumultuous and ego driven divorce, Bankruptcy, being a single mother, facing health challenges with my children. I found my power inside of my shadow. I found healing when I became audacious enough to face all of the messes I make. And I found grace when I allowed myself to be human.

So now here I am – honoring all that I am. Hair Stylist. Energy Healer. Intuitive. Mom. Wife. Daughter. Leader. Guide. Light. Dark. I am all of it. Willing to let go. Willing to receive. Willing to love every messy moment. Willing to answer the call.


Ali Coplin

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