Hair Color FAQ’s

Below you will find a few key points that I will cover with you in our consultation.  Please read prior to your appointment, so that we are on the same page together.

Factors and influences that affect the outcome of your hair color experience:

1- The health and condition of your hair prior to your color service.

Depending on level of transformation that you seek – especially bigger, drastic changes – the health and condition of your hair prior to your service is key.  Your physical health, and any health conditions that you have may affect your color as well.

2- The products you use and the shampoo you wash with leading up to and after your appointment.

As mentioned above, the health and condition of your hair prior to your hair service is the key foundation to a successful color service.  Using professional quality products on your hair helps with this and I recommend that you begin a professional hair care regimen even before you come in for your appointment to help lay a good foundation for the success of your service.  I personally use, and recommend the ColorProof  line.  I personally guarantee 100% that this product line will extend the life of your color as well as improve the over all health of your hair and protect it from damage when used consistently and appropriately when you purchase it from my salon.  Other than that, the main things you want to use are:

  • Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioner (sulfates are harsh cleansers that strip color)
  • Thermal + UV protectant
  • Deep conditioning treatment for occasional use

3- The texture and color history of your hair.

Different hair textures hold and retain hair color differently compared to one another. Depending on your goal for your hair, I may make some recommendations according to your own hair texture to make sure that the health of your hair remains in good condition.  Also, the history of your hair plays probably the biggest role when determining what is realistic for your hair.  For example: If you have layers and layers of old box color on your hair and wish to go blonde, we may be looking at several processes to eliminate the old color safely before we can take you lighter.  Or if you currently have warm red hair, and wish to go a smokey, cool mocha type brunette – we may have to correct the underlying tones of red/orange before we can get you to the perfect end result you desire.

4- The desired or target level of maintenance and care for everyday wear and care.

Get very clear about how much time you would like to spend in the salon maintaining and refreshing your color.  If you like low maintenance, I may suggest that we stick within 1-2 shades of your natural color.  If you like dramatic transformations, or colors that are more than 1 or 2 shades away from your natural color, be prepared for more frequent visits to the salon to maintain your look.

5- Your budget.

Hair color is an investment.  Cheap hair color ain’t good, and good hair color ain’t cheap.  If you have a particular budget that you need to stay within, it is your responsibility to make that known.  Consultations with Ali are always free, and I am happy to give you a price quote before we begin your service.

DISCLAIMER: Ali’s goal for every client during every color service is to keep your hair healthy or improve the condition of your hair.  HOWEVER – hair color is STILL a chemical process that does open the cuticle of your hair, and can cause moisture loss. (Especially highlighting!)  How you treat your hair in between appointments, as well as the products you use are your responsibility and dramatically determines if your hair stays healthy.  

FAQs about color services with Ali:

Do I come with clean or dirty hair?  Truly, it ultimately doesn’t matter. Whatever is most convenient for you. Unless we are bleaching, or taking your hair lighter- then come with it dirty.

How long will my appointment run?  Most standard color services run about 2-3 hours.  Color corrections, or double process vivids colors can take longer.

What is the cancellation policy?  

Hair Color Clients: We do require a $50 deposit for new color clients.  It does go toward the cost of your service on the day of your appointment, but becomes non-refundable inside of 48 hours in case of cancellations or reschedules.  Return clients may be charged a cancellation fee of up to 100% of your service inside 48 hours to your appointment in the event of cancellation.

Hair Extension Clients: New clients are required to pay a Non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to cover the cost of hair.  New and Return clients may be charged a cancellation fee of up to 100% of your service total inside 48 hours to your appointment in the event of cancellation.

What’s the difference between Balayage and an Ombre?  Balayage is a technique, and Ombre is a style.  You can create an ombre with balayage, and you can create regular highlights all through the hair with balayage.  Ombre is typical a graduation of color from dark to light.

Can I color my hair while I’m pregnant? I have colored hundred’s of pregnant clients, but I am not a doctor.  It is between you and your doctor to decide if coloring your hair is an option.