Hair extension critic turned hair extension lover.  Natural Beaded Rows until I die! 

I’ll be honest here. As a stylist with almost 14 years of experience behind the chair, hair extensions have been huge turn off for me.  I couldn’t wrap my head around spending half a day, or sometimes a whole day working on a client with gloopy sticky adhesives and bonds, or tiny little braids and tracks.  The worst was when the hair didn’t match just right and most clients would have to pray that the wind wouldn’t blow for fear of the bright stripes of highlights that pop out underneath the natural color. But without that brighter lighter color, the ends wouldn’t match.  I dipped my toes into the world of tape ins, and those were great – all until the removal process.  I once owned a set of clip ins, but hated how disconnected from my real hair they felt.  And what a pain in the ass they were to clip in and out everyday!  

What I also saw within the world of extensions were that they were a HUGE investment for most with very little pros and a shit ton  of cons.  Traditional extension methods are famous for causing mega breakage – which becomes a catch 22 for those with fine already sparse hair.  If you didn’t hate your hair before you tried an extension method that caused a lot of breakage, you’re sure gonna hate it now!  And now you’re a slave to hair extensions for life because if you take them out now, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do as to how your NOT going through chemo, and that yes, that’s just how shitty your hair really is. 

As a professionalI couldn’t justify taking people’s money for something that was doing them such a disservice.  

Well my many years of prayers to the hair  extensions Gods were heard, and ladies and gentlemen … I have an answer to your prayers too.  Let me introduce to you, Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions, created by Danielle White of DKW Styling, in Laguna Beach, California.    I started my training with her this year, and my world has been forever changed! 

It’s not just a method, it’s a whole system designed to give you the most natural looking hair extensions with the least amount of breakage. We custom color, and blend high quality hand tied hair into your natural hair and sew it onto a track that is made with beads and string – distributing the weight of the hair evenly.  There are less attached areas to the natural hair than most methods, thus causing the least amount of breakage possible.  It’s a pretty big claim to make – and I can make it with absolute 100% certainty.  See my results for yourself… 

Before and After
Perfectly blended color.

I am a mom to 3 year old twins. I have close to ZERO time to dink around with extension methods that are a time suck.  I live an active life style with my girls, and own a salon as well as take care of my own full clientele.  I can say, that I am SOLD and this hair extension critic has been converted to a full faith believer.

To see if NBR would be a good fit for you, contact me for a consultation!