Why New Years resolutions SUCK

New Year, new you is what they say!  I call bull shit.  Here is why.

Sure, it’s nice to have a fresh start.  But doesn’t the re commitment of becoming the greatest version of ourselves happen year round?  Not to mention, the better the version of ourselves we become, our goals change.  We reach broader levels of clarity, and we shift our focus on elevating ourselves even more.

I am not the same person in January, that I become in October.  

So my answer?  Have a full year plan – but break it up into baby steps, and don’t be afraid to course correct when it’s appropriate!

I love working in the Industry.  When people want change, my chair is often one of the first stops they make.  ESPECIALLY in the New Year when they are focusing on changing other things in their world.  Check out just a few transformations from this week.  These clients look AMAZING!

Blonding session with Foilyage + a healthy hair cut
Rich caramel balayage + a healthy hair cut
1.5 rows of Natural Beaded Rows + Blonde Detox
Color Transformation/Correction + healthy hair cut

If YOU want to see what is possible in the realm of change for your own hair.  Hair Color and/or Natural Beaded Rows extensions are a good place to explore.

For consultations, text me at 801-392-2027!



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