end of year CLARITY + vision for 2018

Whew.  This year FLEW BY.  2017 was a year of firsts, and transition for myself, and for my family.  2017 is where my business became more specialized inside the world of hair extensions and hair color.  2017 is when my little girls started pre school.  2017 is when my boyfriend Josh and I moved in together, and combined our family of 6 (TOTAL modern day Brady Bunch)

When I look back and think about the year that I’ve had, I think about how I can apply what I learned moving forward into 2018.   And the one thing that I’ve discovered, is that the more CLEAR that I am on what I want, the easier it is to move forward and create big things.  It’s amazing how when we aren’t clear, we end up doing things half assed, or end up taking on too much.  This is what it means to spin our wheels.  To not be all the way in.

Getting clear about WHAT I WANTED, and WHY I WANTED IT gives me the courage to move forward in creation in 2018.  And just a little pro tip for you…  your clarity will shift as you go.   As you climb the proverbial latter to strive and reach for the things you want, your perception and your reality will shift.  You’ll discover that you want something more meaningful, that you couldn’t see from the vantage point you were curr.

I discovered that the desire to make more money actually was my desire to feel valuable and worthy.

I discovered that the desire to lose 30 lbs, was actually the desire to increase my body’s capacity for energy and vitality.  I want more, now than ever, a body that is functional.  Whatever the numbers on the scale declare!

I discovered that working less and feeling free actually was my desire to connect and to spend time with my kids.

My approach to my goals has now shifted for 2018, because of the clarity that I continue to foster.

What are your goals for the new year?

Are you the type to set new resolutions?

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