The crown you never take off…

If there is one thing that I have learned about women over the last 15 years as a stylist, is that women tend to struggle with guilt around investing time, money and energy into themselves.

I’ve seen women find babysitters, take vacation time off of work, go into work late, and even call in sick to make their hair appointment work.

Taking time for yourself definitely does not come easy for most, and that’s what makes it so valuable! 

The benefit however, for showing up for yourself to invest some time, money and energy into yourself FAR OUTWEIGHS ANY SACRIFICE MADE TO GET THERE!  Getting your hair done, brings to the surface and connects you with the aspects of your greatest self.  I haven’t seen one woman that hasn’t left feeling more confident, and more relaxed and relieved when they invest in their hair color or NBR hair extensions. And further more, their WHOLE world experiences the ripple effect of how they show up.

Below, let me share with you a handful of my most recent Natural Beaded Rows transformations on 5 women that had the courage to show up and invest time, money and energy into connecting with their best self.

Hair is the crown you never take off – make it great!

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NBR Fall 2017

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