My NBR Transformation

A lot of you might have heard the phrase “the shoemaker has no shoes”.  This phrase has DEFINITELY applied to me, within my career of hair dressing.  The hair dresser often has the most grey showing, the darkest roots, and the most split ends! Luckily, we know how to camouflage them in the short term to look somewhat our best.

This week, I took my sad hair situation, and I made a visit to Sandy, Utah to visit my fellow Certified Natural Beaded Rows artist, Makenzi Davis.  I got the opportunity to experience all that I offer to my clients, and it was AMAZING!

My natural hair is about shoulder length, and my color was faded brassy, with about an inch of roots.  I personally, have a lot of grey that comes through.  I was DYING to get them covered.  Makenzi started off by coloring my natural hair, and her assistant got to work coloring the extension hair to blend perfectly into my natural.


I get a ton of questions about Natural Beaded Rows, and if they can be worn straight.  My answer… YES!  It boils down to the blend with the hair color, and the hair cut.  This isn’t always the case with other extension methods.  Natural Beaded Rows is not a method that we just take hair out of a bag and plop it on your hair.  SO much care is taken to perfectly blend the colors and textures.




I also get a lot of questions about the weight of the hair.  I have a ton of hair naturally.  The texture is also very dense and coarse.  Natural Beaded Rows is perfect for my texture, because I can adjust the amount of hair on each row, and basically wear the same amount of contact points as someone with fine hair.  I don’t wear my hair very long – I currently have 14″ extensions in.  This keeps it light for me, as well as the right amount of texturing with the cut.  Makenzi did an amazing job taking out bulk and weight with the hair cut.


Hair extensions are definitely a luxury.  The maintenance for them is also definitely a commitment.  But the benefits for me, far outweigh the investment both financially, and the time spent in Makenzi’s chair.  The style lasts all week, and saves me time each day.  The confidence level I experience is a lot higher.  I just feel like a more sparkly version of myself.

Who wouldn’t want more of that?

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