Not everyone is cut out for mermaid life.

Today I spent the morning with a special client of mine.

Meet… Sophia!


She spends A LOT of time with me. My girls even know her and talk about her. I practice NBR on her every day that I’m not in the salon working with my actual “human” clients.

However, Sophia has some struggles with her hair like a lot of real people do. It’s kind of whispy at the ends, it’s not full, all due to breakage. These things can be a result of over processing, post partum hair loss, and even health problems. Sophia’s hair just isn’t what it used to be.

I had the perfect solution for Sophia. A single filler row of Natural Beaded Rows, and a healing and repair color gloss to add richness and repair.



As you can see, the result with one filler row isn’t overwhelming. It’s designed to be that way! Just enough length and fullness to fill in the ends of her hair and boost her confidence.


Filler rows are low maintenance, and easy to live busy and active lifestyles with.

Not everyone needs to be a mermaid!

If your hair just isn’t what it used to be, CLICK HERE to request a consult. Let’s see what NBR can do for you!

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