I am like my best self!

This past weekend, I got the pleasure of taking care of a new extensions client.

She was a young girl, who lives an incredibly active lifestyle. She is a dance teacher, Drill Team coach at a local high school, as well as a college student. She wears her hair up A TON, and is on the go a lot. She has NEVER worn hair extensions before, and was considering tape ins before she contacted me.

Here she is before. She has worn her hair bright solid blonde for a while now, and her naturally fine hair was beginning to see the effects of long term bleaching.

We began her process with a custom color. We softened the line of grow out, and smudged her roots so that she could have an even lower maintenance color before we installed her extensions.

We chose 3 different colors of extension hair to create the blend and transition from her natural hair to her extensions, and we installed 1.5 rows of Natural Beaded Rows. As I spun her around in my chair as I finished, she said "This is the hair I have always wanted! It's like I'm my best self!"

Here is her finished look!

I woke up this morning to a text message from her. Her experience as a brand new extension wearer is off to a great start. Here is what she had to say! 👇🏻

NBR transformation for the win!

To have the best hair of your life, and to find out more about NBR, click here.

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