The Cost of Fragile Hair

Today I had the pleasure of taking care of a new NBR client.

This was her first time having hair extensions that she didn’t have to clip in and out on her own. Every day in an every day out she would work her day around clipping her extension hair in and styling it and making sure that it blended. She had told me that she never went a day without her clip in extensions because her hair was just too thin and fragile.  A friend of hers, (another extension client of mine) referred her to me, and she was ready to have the extensions and the fullness without the hastle of clip ins.

One major complaint of hers, was the sides of her hair.  They were just too broken to feel full.

NBR fixed that for her.

She was nervous about putting anymore color or highlights on her hair, for fear of more breakage.  So today, we gave her hair a break, and just worked with the extensions.

I created this custom look completely tailored to her existing hair color using 3 different shades of extension hair, as well as custom color on the extensions only.  I only washed and conditioned her natural hair with ColorProof Hair Detox shampoo to pull mineral build up off her hair, and conditioned with ColorProof SuperPlump condition.  From there, we installed her extensions, blended, and styled.

In just a short visit to the salon, my client has the hair that she was meant to have, without the time cost of clipping them in and out of her hair every morning.

If you’re ready to break up with your clip in extensions, CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A CONSULTATION

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