“I feel like I don’t deserve this…”

Every once in a while I get to take care of women who are coming out of Traumatic hair experiences.

Earlier this week on the Fourth of July holiday, I was contacted by a woman who was experiencing some stress with her hair. She had gone out of town to visit her family out-of-state, and went to see another family member who also was a hairdresser. With the intention of going a brighter (but natural) looking blonde, she left the chair with an overly lifted, damage, overly toned Gray blonde.  This is the kind of blonde that lacks any sort of luster or shine.

I knew that it was going to be a little bit of a struggle to get her hair feeling normal again, but I explained that we could certainly start the process and I went ahead and I scheduled her in.

She was in my chair for about three hours while I worked my magic (accompanied by TWO Olaplex treatments). By the time she left she was so giddy and so excited that she literally almost was jumping up-and-down for joy.  As I was completing her credit card payment, she turned and looked into the mirror and then looked at me and told me “I feel like I don’t deserve this.”

I reaffirmed to her that she absolutely did deserve it and that she was on her way to even better hair than before.  She did deserve this.

My real believe about this is that all women deserve to feel good about the way that they look when they look into the mirror. Sometimes feeling good about ourselves can be inspired through a hair appointment, a facial appointment, maybe some eyelash extensions, or maybe even a quick trip to Target alone without the kids.

Whatever your top choice for feeling good about yourself and boosting your self image and confidence may be, my hope for all the women who sit in my chair is that the common theme for their life is that they choose to make themselves a priority.  We as women all deserve that.

Here is her amazing before and after!

If you feel it’s time to say YES to you, send me a text to 801-392-2027 and let’s discuss how we can improve your hair for the best.

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