When your stylist leaves you hanging… 

Sort of like Emergency Rooms see an influx of “interesting” patients during full moons, it’s been a pattern for me to see scary hair stories over the last 15 years behind the chair. They seem to come in waves! 

The theme lately that I have seen…

“My stylist is MIA!” 

I’m sure there has got to be SOME sort of good reasoning for a stylist to not get back to a client – and for me, as a stylist when I hear this, I often wonder “what does that mean about the client?” 

It’s not such a big deal to a color or hair cut client – you can always get by with extra roots, or a grown out shape.  But when it comes to hair extension maintenance, is a different story.  Hair extensions require commitment to maintenance.  Not just on the client side, but also the stylist! 

I always want to know more, when I hear stories like this, and will always do my best to help the client figure out what their needs are.  Even if it means refer them to someone else! 

In the case of this client (shown above).  She visited a stylist in another local salon, and got a full color service, and extension install.  It was a mix of a beaded weft type of extensions.  Initially when she left the salon, she was in love with her hair! She paid her stylist, rebooked 6 weeks later, and left with a smile on her face.  

She contacted me 12 weeks later.  At this point, she should have received 2 move ups with her extensions.  She let me know that her hair was a mess, and that her stylist had cancelled her appointment, not once, but TWICE! And at this point, her stylist wasn’t responding to her.  

I was horrified at the pictures she sent me of her hair.  And I won’t lie – I was nervous at what I would be dealing with! 

I invited her into the salon the next day for a consultation for Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions.  She had found me on Instagram.  When she came into the salon, she was so sweet! And so embarrassed at the state of her hair.  I asked her if I could just remove the extensions for her, so that we could get a better idea of what her hair was like underneath all the matting. 

I tenderly removed her mangled beads, and gently combed out the matting.  Surprisingly, it came out pretty easily after I washed and deep conditioned her.  

After our consultation, and an outline at what I could offer her, she was excited at the possibility for her, and paid a deposit for new hair, and I put her on the books for the following week.  She was also sent home with a strict assignment to let her hair rest for a week before I put her new set in, and to do a couple Olaplex treatments before I saw her. 

The following week she came in, and a lot of her fashion color had faded out. Here is her “before” picture of the whole process. 

And here, is where you can see where I reworked her color, and then installed 2 rows of fresh, Bohyme hand tied hair, all completely custom colored to match her vibrant personality. 

We have had fun with her hair over the last 2 move ups – all done completely on time – within a 6 week span in between so that her hair can recover and finally start growing out.  I love having clients like her that entrust their hair to my hands – both with the health and integrity, along with the creativity and the design.  I have big plans for her color as this red color fades out. I’m excited for you to see, so stay tuned!

After session #1

After session #2

After session #3

If Natural Beaded Rows, seems like it might be something you would like to try (along with a stylist that texts you back, and won’t leave you hanging!) Send me a text to 801-392-2027 and we can chat more! 



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