There’s a lot of things I can’t control in life, but my hair doesn’t have to be one of them! 

If you know me personally, you would know that I am a divorced mom of 3 year old twins.  My boyfriend has 4 children of his own, works full time, as well as helps me run my salon that we co own. Our life is full, to say the least. Busy pick ups, and drop offs with our exes, shuttling Little’s back and forth to activities, school programs, figuring out what food all 6 kids will eat (talk about MEGA Costco bill) and also playing referee when they aren’t so keen at getting along with each other.  

Sometimes as a mom, girlfriend, stylist, and entrepreneur, it’s easy to have the emotions that stem from feeling out of control – like someone else has the steering wheel.  It takes focus, and effort to take the reigns and set intention of the type of day I want to have each day. 

Sometimes, it’s easy to claim control over smaller things, in an effort to feel in control of life as a whole. One major way that I see this play out, is with the women I take care of in my chair at the salon.  Life can be crazy and erratic sometimes with its twists and turns. Sometimes we may not have a say how our 3 year old responds after asking them 10 times to put their shoes on, or how the weather turns out (in Utah, the weather is serious Bipolar!) – but we may as well have a say how our hair turns out! 

My current choice of how to wear my hair – my Natural Beaded Row hair extensions to add a little bit of length and fullness in the front, and my softer, lighter smoky brunette and caramel hair color.  I’ve worn my hair dark for a lot of years, and shifting my hair lighter has been a bit of a transition, but it has certainly has been worth the wait. I’m not one that could ever be super light blonde, but this is how brunettes have fun! 

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