So you wanna be blonde… 

One of my #1 requests as a colorist is blonde.  No matter the season, there is always a flavor of blonde that is in and can work.  From warm honey blonde, to a cool, icy platinum, the possibilities are endless.  

The challenge, for most, is that when transitioning to blonde, many clients come in with pre existing color on their hair.  And it’s not always a simple 1 step process to get you where you want to be.   

If you have considered transitioning to a lighter, brighter hue, here are a few key points to keep in mind and consider. 

1- It’s all about that pH balance, tho. When stripping darker color, or artificial pigment out of the hair, the longer you take to do it, the better. Simply, giving your hair more time in between processes with help it to recover, and naturally rebalance its pH a little easier.  Hair lighteners and color extractors can open the cuticle, and strip the hair of its natural oils and proteins which puts it into a more alkaline state. This is where hair gets dry and brittle and can start to break off.  My favorite analogy – once you cook a steak to well done, there is no going back to medium rare.  Same with your hair, once you’ve pushed it past its breaking point, there is no going back.  A good stylist will close the cuticle of your hair after the lightening process with a good pH balancing toning gloss, or an awesome deep conditioning agent.  And now a days, there is no lightening in my own salon unless it’s with the use of Olaplex – a new technology that with help to rebuild the proteins bonds in your hair – preventing the brunt of damage that can come with lightening.  

2- The majority of damage when going blonde doesn’t come at the hands of our hair stylist. Most people don’t realize that the health of your hair during the blonding process not only comes during the service, with the products that your stylist uses to keep your hair’s integrity – but also what happens to your hair in between appointments.  What happens with your hair after you leave your stylists chair is not your stylists responsibility – it’s yours.  It’s up to you to make the choice to use good products and cut back on heat styling.  It’s all about babying your hair and treating it with the utmost care.  Take your stylists recommendation in what products to use and how to handle your hair after it’s been through a lightening service.  And always factor into your budget the products that you’ll need to invest in along with what you’ll pay for the service.  Using shampoo with sulfate a on head of hair that has been chemically lightened, or using a 450 degree flat iron on hair without a thermal protectant issue putting rubbing alcohol on a sunburn.  It ain’t gonna end up very pretty in the long haul. 

3- Be realistic in your expectations. Not everyone can be platinum blonde.  And if your stylist tells you no, respect it.  Everyone can be some shade of blonde, if it’s done well, and if you can choose a tone that compliments both your skin tone, as well as your desired level of maintenance and lifestyle. Be sure to check out your stylists portfolio, and make sure they feel confident in taking you through the process.

For more info on transitioning to blonde, or for a consultation, text me at 801-888-1517.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite flavors of blonde from my chair at Beehive Beauty Bar from the last month or so.  Which one is your favorite? 

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