Just because you’re a mom, doesn’t mean your hair has to suck! 

This morning I woke up bright and early… On my day off… Thanks to my daughters.  It was just *barely* 6 am.  Trying to convince two 3 year olds to let mommy sleep in a bit on her day off is the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to date, and I’ve not yet had any success.  Nonetheless, I was baptized by fire into being a morning person 3 years ago after a long summer of being on bed rest while pregnant with my twins.  That was the last moment in time that I remember the sweet sweet simple existence of sleeping in, eating my meal sitting down, and going to the bathroom alone.  

One thing that hasn’t changed since then is my hair…
Sure… I’m a hairstylist by trade.  And with that territory comes some pretty mad skillz when it comes to creating amazing hair for my clients. But the truth is, it’s a different story when it comes to my own hair. My natural hair sucks.  It’s got this crazy coarse texture that looks a lot like Kramer off of Seinfield if I let it air dry.  And it’s thick.  Like hella thick.  It take a little bit of thought to make my style work when I’m on the go with my littles or busy behind the chair with clients.  Here are my top 3 tips for amazing hair even when your life is chaos between early start drop offs, soccer practice or dance recitals – even if the odds are stacked against you when it comes to what cards you were dealt with your natural texture. 

Ali the Colorist’s 3 Tips for Hot Mom Hair

1- Stop using shitty product on your hair. That’s right mommys. It’s time to invest. Make it a priority.  Using store bought / drug store shampoo comes with the illusion that it’s “economical” or “cheaper”.  But so does the dollar menu at McDonalds.  Using it when you’re in a pinch, everyone once in a while, it’s ok. But if McDonalds was to be your main source of nutrition on the daily…what would your body feel like at that point?  Same goes for your hair. Sulfate free is the way to go with your shampoo and conditioner, and a decent thermal and UV protectant is a non negotiable for myself. 

2- Get consistent with your visits to the salon. Whatever look you go for, even if it’s low maintenance wash and go – plan on the basic minimum maintenance. Regular trims, and basic maintenance for your color will make a WORLD of difference in how easy your hair will be for your on the day to day. A good cut goes a LOOOOOOONG way.  And that color gloss touch up will lock in your color even longer. Discuss this with your stylist and get on the schedule.  Whether it be every 6-8 weeks, or even quarterly – your hair will thank you! (And you will thank me, once you see how much time you’ll save styling in the morning!) 

3- Be selfish. This last tip connects to the 1st 2 tips.  As a mom, I know it can be difficult to spend money on ourselves, or to carve out consistent time to devote to just unplugging from your kids and family or work duties.  But TRUST ME.  Everyone in your life benefits from you putting YOU first.  Fill your own cup – whatever that looks like.  Put your own mask on in the cabin of the airplane before someone else’s.  You’ll feel like a million bucks, which will then translate to being a more confident mom, (and it could even save your marriage!)

In closing, here are a few totally hot moms that I take care of on the regular in my chair at Beehive Beauty Bar.  Each one has a different level of maintenance and each look and color is tailored directly to their lifestyle and needs. Some of them are working moms, some of them are stay at home moms. They all are busy, but they all make themselves a priority through having beautiful hair.  If you are considering a change, or just want to know what options you have with your hair – text me at 801-888-1517 and I would be happy to make some recommendations. 

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