How to: Wash day with my NBR extensions 

Summer’s in Utah can get pretty toasty, and I have always hated blow drying my hair.  Blow drying in the summer time is like certain death for me. I just can’t hang.  And besides that, chasing toddlers around consumes a lot of my time while getting myself ready in the morning.  NBR has saved a TON of time for me on my routine in the morning.  But a lot of people ask me about my hair washing schedule.  I typically wash every 6-7 days, and use a good dry shampoo in between on the tail end of my wash week.  You absolutely can blow dry and thermal style your hair extensions, but I like to bypass the blow dryer because it does extend the life of the hair.  Day 2 or 3 I’ll curl my hair, and the rest of the days, I just touch up.  Regardless, I ALWAYS use products that protect my hair from thermal styling. 

You can watch me explain further, and show you how I prep my hair for the perfect air dry right HERE

In summary, here are the steps… 

STEP 1: Shampoo and Condition.  Pretty basic step, but you MUST use sulfate free. I prefer ColorProof, because they also have the added benefit of built in UVA and UVB protection, as well as thermal styling protection. 

ColorProof CrazySmooth Shampoo and Condition

STEP 2: Detangle After towel drying this this leave in from the Pravana NEVO line. I prefer to use a Wet Brush, but any large tooth comb would do too.  Be careful around your scalp and not to catch your rows too much. 

Pravana NEVO Intense Therapy

STEP 3: Prep your style! I prefer a leave in oil to add moisture and smoothness.  On my wash day, I minimize other products, because I continue to use other products throughout the week and don’t want too much build up. Lately my favorite is this Brazilian Blow Out Oil – it’s COMPLETELY weightless, and I use it every single day on my extensions. 

Brazilian Blow Out Dry Oil

And VOILA! You’re set. After my hair is dry, I smooth out the top portion of my hair with a flat iron to create a more polished look.

To find out more about NBR Extensions, or to request an appointment or consultation for a custom color experience, contact me by TEXT at 801-888-1517, or by email at 

Happy Washing! 

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