Hi, I’m Ali. Welcome to my Space.

If you’re looking for a title, or a label – I would say I fall within the range of Spiritual Intuitive, Transformation Guide, Truth Teller, and often times the wild woman who communes with your Ancestors while waiving my hands over crystals and rocks.

I speak to Jesus on the daily. But I also say “Fuck” a lot. Don’t worry guys, he’s cool with it.

I’m not here to tell your fortune. Or to provide the quick fix to soothe your pain away.

I’m here for the grit. I’m here for the muck. I’m here to sit with you in your depths and to guide you to your own connection and Truth. No matter how spicy it gets.

The healing that I am in service to is the Healing that Liberates.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way – I look forward to working with you!